About Us

Printmaking studio carves out the world’s best prints and designs. We make the original handmade highest quality prints in Nepal.

Our basic focus is to revive the traditions of Nepal through art works. We focus on progressive art forms.

Printmaking studio also provided training and workshops to the art enthusiasts.

Overall we focus on raising awareness about traditions of Nepal at the same time making people aware about the art and printmaking cultures as well.

Sudesha Shrestha
Founder, Printmaking Studio

sudesha shresthaholding a print in her hands

Our Specialization

woodcut print


Woodcut is a printing technique where an artist uses a block of wood to carve out an image and take prints from there unlike using modern printing machinery. The parts to be printed are elevated by scraping away the non-printing parts in the wooden block. After the block is ready, necessary inking and tracing of images is done in a very careful manner. The wooden block is destroyed completely after making certain copies following the norms of printmaking. This traditional printing style is still followed to commemorate the techniques of our forefathers who used to make prints in this manner.

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Etching is a printmaking process where strong acid or mordant is used to cut into the unprotected parts of a metal surface. The artist draws his design on the metal, with sharp needles. The acid itches away all the unprotected parts and finally leaves behind a design in the metal. Unlike the woodcut printing method, here the raised portions remain black and the crevices hold the ink. It is one of the widely used methods of printmaking these days.

drypoint print


Drypoint is a printmaking process which is much more similar to engraving. The designs are incised into a plate using pointed needles. However, the raised ridge along the furrow is not scraped or filed away in this method. Though traditionally the incisions were made in the copper plate, these days people also use acetate, zinc, Plexiglas, etc for making Drypoint prints.

Staff & Board

Printmaking Studio is led by CEO, Artistic Sudesha Shrestha and Executive Producer Rambabu Thapa. The Executives are supported by the core marketing & development team: Tara Thapa Magar, Alin Odari and Ashok Kuikel.

BOARD MEMBERS / Sudesha Shrestha (CEO), Rambabu Thapa (Deputy Chair), other members of board here.

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